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Accepted Manuscripts Online: AMO

FUP Journals now offers a rapid publication option called Accepted Manuscripts Online.


What this means is that authors can have their peer-reviewed, accepted manuscripts posted on the FUP Journals website before they have been copy-edited.

These articles are available in PDF format only.

This option allows new knowledge to be made available to readers in the shortest possible time.

Several FUP journals now offer the AMO option, eliminating the problem of backlogs of accepted papers waiting to be published. Once each article has been copy-edited and typeset, the author has the opportunity to check the proofs as normal, and the final corrected version will then be published as the Version of Scholarly Record, replacing the AMO version on FUP Journals.

Papers posted online as AMO articles are clearly identified as such with the use of a watermark:

Some journal editors have welcomed the AMO option, as it makes articles accessible more quickly, allowing them to be cited using the DOI as early as possible.

Our experience has been that it works extremely well for journals with plenty of articles coming through the submission and peer review stages. It avoids bottlenecks and allows journals to compete with others in their field.

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