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Frank Rosengarten at the Casa italiana of Columbia University

A book signing party was held the evening of June 25 in the library of the Casa italiana of Columbia University in New York City to celebrate the publication of Frank Rosengarten’s "Through Partisan Eyes. My Friendships, Literary Education, and Political Encounters in Italy (1956-2013). With Sidelights on My Experiences in the United States, France, and the Soviet Union".

Approximately 65-70 friends and relatives were in attendance, including the noted Renaissance scholar Lauro Martines, who flew in from London, and Joseph A. Buttigieg (translator of Gramsci’s Notebooks for Columbia University Press), who came with his wife from Notre Dame, Indiana.

Some of the people at the signing party: you may recognize Joseph A.Buttigieg, Kate Crehan and George Bernstein.

During the festivities Professor Rosengarten summarized his book and spoke of his life experiences. Particularly poignant was his reference to the library of the Casa italiana, the site of the gathering and the place where he began his graduate studies in Italian. He also expressed his satisfaction with the fact that his memoir was published by Firenze University Press in Florence, the city in which lived while he wrote his doctoral dissertation.

All photos © Bill Perlmutter

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