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New FUP journal: AsiAnA. Journal of the ancient Near Eastern Cultures

Firenze University Press are launching AsiAnA. Journal of the ancient Near Eastern Cultures.

The new project is an open access peer-reviewed international journal on ancient Near Eastern cultures that aims to offer a handy tool of scholarly information in different fields (Archaeology, Archaeometry, Epigraphy, History, Philology), with a dedicated attention to interdisciplinary research, new approaches and methodological advances.

The journal will publish original contributions (full-length papers, reviews, short notes and open questions’ debates) in Italian, English, French, German; special issues on relevant topics will be also considered for publication.

The editor-in-chief is Stefania Mazzoni of the University of Florence, and the advisory board and editorial board will be made up of a group of prominent researchers.

AsiAnA focuses on the variegated scenario of the emergence, development and crises of the ancient Near East cultures analysed in the plurality of their distinct and intertwining characters, languages, writing and literacy, administration and material culture, arts and politics, economy and trade, ideology and religion.
All these elements shaped a civilization which strongly impacted on the history of the ancient world.
Exploring this plurality of issues from different perspectives can add to our understanding of the social dynamics and the spatial and chronological trajectories that forged the Near Eastern cultures over a long duration.

AsiAnA will present studies in different disciplines, Hittitology, Assyriology, Semitistics, History, Archaeology and Art History of the ancient Near East aiming to diffuse the results of researches such as excavation reports, edition of epigraphic sources, studies on philological data, visual arts, archaeology and archaeometry.
With the intent of confronting different scientific voices of these disciplines and crossing their traditional borders the journal will supply a handy tool of scholarly information on various subjects, open to the international debate and innovative theoretical issues.


(as of January 1, 2018)

Editor in Chief
Stefania Mazzoni

Managing Director
Vania Vorcelli

Editorial Board
Amalia Catagnoti, Anacleto D’Agostino, Candida Felli, Valentina Orsi, Marina Pucci, Sebastiano Soldi, Maria Vittoria Tonietti, Giulia Torri

Scientific Committee
Abbas Alizadeh, Dominik Bonatz, Frank Braemer, Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum, Tim Harrison, Robert Hawley, Gunnar Lehmann, Nicolò Marchetti, Andreas Doris Prechel, Karen Radner, Ulf-D. Schoop, Jason Ur, Daniel Schwemer

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