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II. FUP Scientific Cloud for Books

In order to maximize the scientific dissemination and impact of the books it publishes, FUP has launched the "Scientific Cloud for Books" program, which is based on a systematic and thorough attribution of machine-readable metadata and formats.
  • Authors of books or single chapters, editors, editor-in-chiefs, members of scientific boards, referees, research institutions and funders are systematically described using simple and effective metadata: name, affiliation, nation, ORCID, email.
  • The actual set of metadata is published in the on-line catalog and embedded in the XML edition of every published book, thus improving the dissemination and impact based on Information retrieval (IR) processes.
  • As part of the Scientific Cloud for Books services, FUP delivers a web-based platform managed directly by editor-in-chiefs and research teams, aiming to manage the scientific board roles, the metadata, the submissions of publishing proposals and the peer review process.
FUP supports and cooperates with authors, editors and scientific boards for the best use of digital tools to increase the dissemination and awareness of science results.

Usage statistics policy
Firenze University Press provides online usage statistics for books and book chapters compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice for Release 5.
  • Data collection for https://www.fupress.com started in January 2017.
  • Usage data and reports are processed on a monthly basis.
  • "Full-text Downloads" are the unique title requests.
  • "Chapter Downloads" are the unique item requests.
  • "Chapters Downloads" are the sum of all chapter downloads of the title.
  • "Book Views" are the unique title investigations and unique item investigations.
  • For more information see the COUNTER Glossary of terms.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.36253/fup_best_practice.2

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